“I warn you, microfinance debtors are calling and …” You should know this

Journalist Nino Labartkava reports on the social network:

“I have to write some very interesting and important information now. 
In short, do you know that People on the “black list”, whose debt is up to GEL 2000, have been demanding debt since December 15. If a person has several loans in different microfinance organizations and the principal amount of each loan is up to 2000 GEL, these people will be removed from the “black list” and each such loan will be canceled. 
The condition is that the so-called. A person with a troubled loan should not have paid any GEL since January 2018 to a microfinance company that has debt (or some debt) – that is, a change and so on. Debt management concerns a person who owes up to GEL 2000 (principal amount) and has not paid anything to the borrower since 2018, making his loan problematic. 
What is happening now: Several people have already told me / wrote the following: From the specific microfinance where the person has borrowed up to GEL 2000 and has not paid anything after 2018 – people call and say: you have so many loans, you have debt and if you want to borrow money Let’s talk, at least GEL 5 is now deposited with us I have been paying on schedule movilaparakoto, what debts you have with us, half will pay alone, or may even get less, importantly any sum of money to register now on our angarishzeo … 
Some people say – your debts so much and so much, but we are ready, only that amount of charge, which Take out a loan from us first (ie the principal amount), but you need it A 5 or 10 get at least on the transfer angarishzeo this dgheebshio … 
loading …What it turns out: a borrower who has not paid anything in debt since 2018 and who meets so-called debt Blacklisted and debt cleared – microfinance is being called up and offered to pay up to 5 lari on their account to offer a “payment schedule” or “just pay back” … in fact, if the person gets caught She transfers money and even GEL 5 to their account now, it will automatically become bad, at least – so called The payer, and most likely, will instantly fall out of the “black list” he is in now, and as a result of the new initiative, debt will go away on December 15 … 

So, what can I do now? What does such behavior mean? Why do these microfinance companies offer these types of tricky offers to their clients? Did Cartu Fund buy the debts of the blacklisted people and intend to pay them off? So what does this behavior mean and what is it? Why are people misleading microfinance with such offers? Shouldn’t that be the case? 

Correcting this is not what it is! These are the thorns! ”Writes Nino Labartskava.

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